Friday, March 28, 2008

A Quiet Week

This has been a week of quiet and resting. A terrible cold gripped me all week, which left Bob to pick up all the work, even coming home at lunch. But now I'm teetering about and getting boxes of fleece out to the post was the big job of the day. Fortunately everyone was pretty well behaved, the only 2 miscreants were and are Llew and Lashes who have decided enough with being stuck down in the middle part of the farm by themselves - they want up where the action is! So they jumped the netting and have stayed ranging around the house all week except on Monday when Llew led the way down the drive to take himself and Lashes for a walk. Fortunately I saw this and was able to trot out after them. They were told in no uncertain terms that they'd gone far enough! Lashes headed right back but Llew had to think about it...the rascal. Anyway, they have been good as gold since but it still gives me a start to see one of them cushed down outside the kitchen sink window. This picture is of Lashes just after checking out the little chicks.
And then the lambs:

The chicks are now a month old and almost completely feathered out. Here are a few that are hanging out in the spring sunshine and snoozing. They are always ravenous and I've teased Bob about not falling down in there because they would have him for dinner! They are old enough to go onto new homes - so I've posted them up for sale for people who'd like their own little "biddies" as they're called here.

And, no we don't have 2 Corriedale mums, we have a Auntie who doesn't mind lending a little body heat on a crisp morning. That's Betty with little Geode, the boy and Lacey the girl is up with Precious. All the lambs are doing well and confidently moving around, even straying off from the Mums.

The jumping and running has started a little but only with each small group not together yet. I stood out the other night trying to catch some pictures but mostly I got this:

Gotcha! Here's Geode doing laps!

So the plans for this weekend are to move the sheep over to the garden area - there's better grass there than almost any other place on the farm- and the field behind. The goats and the llamas will be moved onto the Middle pasture even tho we should really cross fence first, but we haven't the time and they need the fresher green stuff and exercise, especially the 2 Mums to be, Grace and Zoe. Oh and shear Fancy because someone is waiting for her fleece. So that's the agenda for tomorrow. Sunday will be finishing up the perimeter fencing around the East Field, since in a a couple of weeks that's were the sheep will need to be. Hope everyone has a productive weekend too.

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