Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Raining!

Since the entire Southeast region is in a terrible drought condition we are thrilled of course to have it but....wet sheep don't shear well! So shearing plans for the weekend are being scrapped and we'll have to see how well they dry out for maybe a mid-week shearing date if more rain is forecasted for the next weekend. Meanwhile more weaving projects are getting planned and the small rugs just off the loom are getting finished. Two batches of soap made as well; today's batch scented with "Juniper Breeze" and the earlier one was scented "Lime Verbena" so the house has smelt better than you'd expect with 50 chicks in here! I'm changing out their boxes every other day and fresh straw in between but it does get a little ripe. We had one mortality early on from unknown causes but thus far everyone else has been quite hale and hearty.

Yesterday was a beautifully balmy day so got some laundry done and a fleece washed but inspite of the weather I held back from working in the garden. I've succumbed before and then had horrible clay clumps to deal with later. It's just soooo hard to wait. But there'll be no planting until the garden fence is up anyway since the hens think anything planted is just for them. So this rainy afternoon will be spent getting the quilt binding cut and started. I have had such wonderful help both here and on Homesteading Today. Thanks everyone, you really gave me a boost of positive thinking and a clearer understanding. Speaking of positive thinking, I am now repeating to myself often that "I am an organized person", thus far I've sorted out most everything in the Study with small crates on top of the bookcases to hold commercial yarns and a couple of shelf systems to hold my soap and handspun stock. Still have a few loose ends but this is coming under control because "I am an organized person"! Try this yourself and see if it doesn't do wonders for your home, your outlook and your energy.

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