Saturday, March 22, 2008

The new black lambs

After spending the day shearing, our early evening was enhanced with Precious getting serious about lambing. She was in light labour for about an hour and spent about 30-45 min or so in heavy duty work. I, of course, stood back trying to remember that holding my breath during her contractions wasn't doing any good! With towels and bags on hand, it was just a matter of time. She passed 2 water bags which confused both of us; she kept turning about expecting to find a lamb to clean up. But finally the first one showed his front hooves in the classic delivery position. Shortly after the little girl came sliding out and we were kept busy rubbing, drying and stimulating them. Pretty soon they were up looking for the first gulp of colostrum. Between the evening twilight and wetness we couldn't really get an idea of how black these lambs really were. But here they are in daylight out snoozing with Mum. Isn't that face wonderful! I don't know yet by sight which is the boy and which is the girl but we'll have to come up with some special names for these special Spring Equinox babies. Now as a hand spinner, it will be exciting to watch as their fleece grows to find out what the combinations of Corriedale and Jacob genes produces. Certainly both parents have mellow personalities, so I expect very laid back, easy and friendly kids; makes visiting the flock so much more fun when they come up to see me, rather than running the other way. Bethany's trio are learning to hop a little, so in another week or so the lamb games and races will begin. In the meantime it's mostly follow Mum and nap.


Susan said...

Liese, Congratulations!!! Such precious babies. You will have a very joyful spring and summer.

Do you have any more on the way or is this it for '08?

Liese said...

Thanks but all the congrats go to Precious. Having lambs bouncing around can't help but bring a smile and a lift to the heart. Fortunately these are all the babies - more than enough given we were to have none this year because of the drought. But 2 ewes give birth and my flock has grown by 25%!

carpoolknitter said...

And an adorable quarter again as much they are. Hopping skipping lambies for fiber day! I try to contain my joy in respect of their unplanned status. Now do you get time for a cup of tea and a sit and knit?