Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Quilt project

Well, here's where I'm at with my first quilt. The top is a nine patch from scraps, the back is made from 2 pillowcases, and I've tied the corners with a handspun yarn made from wool and llama. The batting is Dorset wool from Faye that I carded with my drum carder. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to go from here with the edge/sewing the sandwich together. Hopefully the ladies over at Homesteading Today's sewing forum or other quilters will lend me some support since the library books are leaving me rather confused and afraid that I'll mess this work up. Once I understand how this process is supposed to go I have another top also done in a nine patch ready to be assembled. So quilters out there where do I go from here?


carpoolknitter said...

looks pretty! when all the pinning/basting/quilting is done, cut the edges even, then your choice of binding. dbl fold bias tape, bought or self made, works well. Clear as mud? did I cover the ground?

carpoolknitter said...

PS I meme tagged you. Check my blog. Do I need to apologize or duck now?

Liese said...

Thanks for the quilting advice but I'm just not getting this meme thing - I looked at your blog but only saw the list of books. So what's this all about Alfie?
By the way we have similar tastes in books but I think it's cheating to list all of a series singlely- it looks much too impressive lol. My favourite Hardy is 'Far From the Maddening Crowd' of course. And have you read 'Middlemarch'?