Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A New Weaving Project - Fleece Rugs

This is my Leclerc warping board that we mounted on the kitchen wall. Having up at eye level really has made it comfortable to use. The warp is 115 ends, 6 yds long of 8/2 poly/cotton rug warp - the spool sat in in an container at my feet as I wound the warp on.
On this project I'm warping B2F ala Chandler. I was quite unhappy with my warp tension in my last project so decided to work on this method for awhile. Here in this picture is threading the heddles. Found that a bit awkward since on this LeClerc Artisat I can't take off the front beam, whereas the back beam folds and let's you get closer when threading from the back.
Here we are all tied on. The rug design calls for a 5 dent reed so I sleyed my 10 dent every other. Also left the warp sitting overnight to see if it would loosen up - didn't find any noticeable difference this morning. So after getting the bread and cheese making started sat down and got things going. This picture shows a couple of rows of the fleece locks in place, after each fleece row, I'm weaving 8 pics of the 8/4 cotton. The fleece I'm working from is over there on the bench, it's from one of our Dorset girls Faye. If all goes well I should be able to get 4 small rugs out of the 6 yd warp. After finishing this piece, I'm going to try laying hand carded sections in to see how that looks and works as a rug. Don't have firm plans yet for rugs 3 & 4, am hoping that as I sit weaving inspiration will come to me! Meanwhile whilst working on this rug I'm listening to a program called Sound and Spirit, she did a program about weaving as metaphor last August, you can find the archive program here:


Lauriebelle said...

Hi!...Saw your post on HT and thought I'd give you a shout out!

Very nice start on your rug!


Liese said...

Thanks, more to come since I warped for 4! Am handspinning some Dorset to dye up for #3. So stay tuned...

carpoolknitter said...

oooh, pretty blog!

Susan said...

Liese, Thanks for the link to Sound & Spirit, that is one program we don't get on MPR. Waiting to see how your other rugs are turning out.

Hugs, Susan

Rondi said...

Beautiful lock rug!!! This inspires me to get working on one. How much fleece does it take to do a rug?

Rondi Anderson
P.S. I'm a fellow rugtalk member

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