Thursday, February 21, 2008

Email troubles and Shuttle solutions

Hi Everyone! Firstly, for anyone who has tried to get me through and didn't get a reply - we had a problem which is now fixed! I'm terribly sorry if you have been accidentally ignored; please resend for a prompt response because normally I'm responding to my emails at 5:30 every morning and then throughout the day.

Now onto other fixes - namely shuttle bobbins. As you might know I am frugal to a fault so when I needed more bobbins I looked to using straws as a solution. But in using those straws I found that over the project they started to hang up at the back of the shuttle pin where it is flanged. Pawing through all the bits boxes I found this little rubber do-hickey that did just the trick so here's some pictures of my fix for a fix!

The black rubbery ring is a grommet of some kind and I cut it with the serrated bread knife to shorten it to the right length. I'd think you could come up with something similar from the hardware store. So if you're find that suddenly the bobbin/quill isn't feeding smoothly and freely look to see if it's hanging up at the back. Hope this saves someone frustration.


nctxweaver said...

What a GREAT idea !!! I often have trouble with my yarns hanging up at the end of the shuttle while weaving. I'll have to go look thru hubby's supplies, I'm sure he has some rubber washers.

Susan said...

Thanks Liese! I haven't begun weaving yet, this weekend I hope to start on my piece. When you say you cut it in half do you mean you cut it thinner or you cut an opening in the ring?

Thanks again for posting this.

Liese said...

Glad you found this helpful Nctx.

Susan, the grommet was too long, so I cut down so it didn't take up as much room on the spindle. The inside diameter is just large enough to fit snugly on the pin so I didn't have to cut/widen it there.

Susan said...

Thanks Liese, that is what I thought you meant but I wanted to make sure. I'll see how it goes this weekend and then if I think I might need something I'll take a shuttle with me fir a good fit.