Friday, April 18, 2008

The latest and last babies

We had been waiting for Zoe, one of the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats to give a sign that she was ready for birthing and 2 days ago looked like she was near. So up she came to the nursery where Grace and twins were ensconced. Just after noon today I heard sounds of labour and sure enough she was already pushing. Grabbing fresh towels I went out to be the support. The first birth was a wee bit difficult for her since this girl decided to come into the world butt first, fortunately the other 2 girls took the proper course and within 30 min. Zoe delivered all three, they were standing and with a little help from me finding the teat and nursing. This picture was taken about 45 min. from when I found her in contractions! It is an incredibly warm day - up to 80*F so these three are having a nice introduction to the world but the sheep are less then thrilled, they are lounging out under the tree probably wondering where spring went.

It's been a week since we had any rain so I'm hoping we get some soon - the heat dries out the garden soil so fast. The potatoes from Moose Tubers, part of Fedco in Maine have come and I'm planning to get them into the trenches either tonight or tomorrow. I'm also going to try growing a few in a tire tower. Meanwhile I am making soap, finishing some weaving and measuring out the warp for some baby blankets. Last weekend I brought home a 25 y/o Glimakra loom and have been reading, studying, putting together, rearranging and generally getting acquainted- remember when you got your first bike or train set? Well, that's what it's been like for me! I think I'll wait until a couple of books come in before actually warping her up because right now I'm a little intimidated. Those papers on the bench there are what I have right now to go from; I'm sure Joanne Hall's book will help me out on some of the mysteries of this loom.
The plans for this weekend are to let the sheep graze behind the house for a couple of days while Bob and I finish fencing the tiny North area and the bigger East field, now that the fallen trees are cut back far enough to be out of the way. Shear the last three girls still in fleece and in the evening wrap and label soaps for the Farmer's Market. I hope where ever you are, it's a perfect weekend too.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! For Zoe's progeny and also your new loom. Congrats on all new arrivals.