Thursday, January 24, 2008

Emergency weaving bobbins & winder

December 30th, 2007

Here I am, loom finally dressed with her new warp in white and Copenhagen blue 10/2 pearl cotton and no free bobbins! And the idea of paying postage on such a small item when I should have ordered them with the new warp materials had me feeling a bit frustrated. But in the far reaches of my brain a little voice said - straws. Uhmmm. SO off to the market and viola they actually work! And since I need 4″ers I can get 2 out of 1 straw. Then the question was how to wind it. Bob suggested the portable drill, I found a 3″ nail that was just right and away we went but not too fast! I have a few inches of the new cloth woven and those bobbins are performing admirableably - now if my weaving would only improve. Actually it’s the first inch or so that makes me cringe because this is where I am figuring out how much to beat, whether the tie on is straight, yada yada yada. Perhaps I should just do the hemstitching up that high and figure the first bit as waste. Well after I wind this bit around so you can’t see it I’ll post a photo. Sure hope the straw idea gets someone else out of a jam - Happy weaving!

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